Amazing facts

With cmsWorks things are easy and quick.

Editors and technicians love cmsWorks, because it is easy to use and very powerful at the same time. Convince yourself and watch the following examples of typical situations.

The preview provides a very useful feature: the 1-click-edit. By pressing a short-key cmsWorks content-cubes will show up per content element. With just one click on a cube ...


Powerful preview with 1-click-edit feature

With 1-click-edit you can change page contents within seconds. The useful preview mode allows extensive testing of new contents in every avaliable browser (e.g. IE, Firefox or Google Chrome). 

Die Tabelle kann zuletzt mit vorbereiteten Styles nach Belieben eingefärbt werden. Verschiedene Auszeichnungen (z.B. jede zweite Zeile grau) verbessern die Lesbarkeit von langen Listen.


Transfering content from Word and Excel into the CMS

Only one step is necessary to get text and tables from Microsoft Word or Excel into the CMS. The most necessary formatting will be kept, the rest skipped. 

The next step is to select and crop a detail of the picture. This can be done by mouse or by entering numbers.


Built-in image manipulation

The internal image viewer provides tools for everyday image editing tasks (resize, crop, turn/mirror and optimize). You do not necessarily need external programs like Photoshop. 

Containers are a useful way to group content elements. In this example three teasers are grouped.


Useful containers in cmsWorks

Containers are very handy to group content elements (e.g. articles or references) and to define how they will eventally appear on the page. The grouping can be done manually or dynamically based on scriped rules. 

Equally simple you can move and copy menu items. In this example we will move


Flexible navigation in cmsWorks

Building and changing even complex navigation structures is a simple task - given the right Content Management System. 

You give the new group a name and select the directories, the new group will provide rights for.


Diashow: Granting and managing user rights

Just like other configuration tasks, managing user accounts, access rights and group rights is done right within the Desktop. 


cmsWorks BE for

July 1, 2010

cmsWorks BE for news agency dapd 

CMS delivers videos

CMS cmsWorks delivers videos. 

cmsWorks version 3.1

More efficient working and searching. runs on cmsWorks

Soccer By - Technology By itechWorks 

cmsWorks version 3.0

More features and higher performance. 

Innovation product cmsWorks

Package for medium-sized businesses in competition

The community portal now runs with cmsWorks 

cmsWorks version 2.2

Now available with many new features uses cmsWorks

cmsWorks and cacheWorks for 

cmsWorks with Ajax Desktop

Ajax technology makes cmsWorks even more intuitive 

Partner in Web2.0

Partnership with Web2.0-providers 

Technology for uses cmsWorks and cacheWorks 

Sports portal with cmsWorks counts on itechWorks and cmsWorks