Add features depending on your needs

Extension modules for cmsWorks

cmsWorks grows just like your business grows. Many modules are ready available, others can be implemented quickly. That gives you the freedom to plan and grow in small steps. Beyond that all additional requirements can be realized quickly and flexibly.

The open architecture of the cmsWorks-kernel makes it possible. It allows modular extensions, is well documented and thus enables even a third party to easily and quickly offer new solutions for new requirements.

Look & Feel

Frontend modules

Frontend modules expand the redering and functionality of the website or another output channel. 

Server & Features

Backend modules

Backend modules expand the system's capacity especially when it comes to automated data processing. 

Developing new cmsWorks modules

Non-standard modules

cmsWorks is a multilayer, open and modularly structured system that is completely based on standards. That is why it can be adjusted to all customer-defined requirements. Extensions can be developed by itechWorks and by partners with basic knowledge in programming and standard tools. 


cmsWorks BE for

July 1, 2010

cmsWorks BE for news agency dapd 

CMS delivers videos

CMS cmsWorks delivers videos. 

cmsWorks version 3.1

More efficient working and searching. runs on cmsWorks

Soccer By - Technology By itechWorks 

cmsWorks version 3.0

More features and higher performance. 

Innovation product cmsWorks

Package for medium-sized businesses in competition

The community portal now runs with cmsWorks 

cmsWorks version 2.2

Now available with many new features uses cmsWorks

cmsWorks and cacheWorks for 

cmsWorks with Ajax Desktop

Ajax technology makes cmsWorks even more intuitive 

Partner in Web2.0

Partnership with Web2.0-providers 

Technology for uses cmsWorks and cacheWorks 

Sports portal with cmsWorks counts on itechWorks and cmsWorks