cmsWorks – first steps

What cmsWorks can do for you

The most important features of cmsWorks: Find out about special characteristics, scope of delivery and how cmsWorks supports your sales team. 

Easy and still powerful

The cmsWorks Editor Desktop

Content management systems with web-based user interfaces are often not as comfortable as native computer programs. Our cmsWorks Editors desktop is different. 

Efficient media administration

Process, edit and manage digital media

cmsWorks stands for openness and flexibility. All kind of media (images, movies but also PDF- and Word-files) are administrated the same way. Of course the system offers plenty of ways to edit images in an elegant and effective manner. 

Workflow and Content Scripting

Optimized processes for better team work

One of the most important tasks of content management systems is to canalize and direct the input of different users. cmsWorks provides adequate concepts. 


Multi-domain- and multi-language support

cmsWorks' multi-client capability is especially useful where several portals run on a single platform. The most common application: multilingual versions with similar content. 


cmsWorks BE for

July 1, 2010

cmsWorks BE for news agency dapd 

CMS delivers videos

CMS cmsWorks delivers videos. 

cmsWorks version 3.1

More efficient working and searching. runs on cmsWorks

Soccer By - Technology By itechWorks 

cmsWorks version 3.0

More features and higher performance. 

Innovation product cmsWorks

Package for medium-sized businesses in competition

The community portal now runs with cmsWorks 

cmsWorks version 2.2

Now available with many new features uses cmsWorks

cmsWorks and cacheWorks for 

cmsWorks with Ajax Desktop

Ajax technology makes cmsWorks even more intuitive 

Partner in Web2.0

Partnership with Web2.0-providers 

Technology for uses cmsWorks and cacheWorks 

Sports portal with cmsWorks counts on itechWorks and cmsWorks